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From Historic to Modern, from Race to Rally, from Saloon to Single Seater, from 2 Wheels to 4 Wheels, from Cars to Trucks, from Bikes to Trikes, from Land to Air and Sea, Proflex can supply your entire Fuel System Project  from "Fuel In" (Refuelling) to "Fuel Out" (to the engine)

Below is just a snapshot of what we can provide - If you need any specific parts, then give the Proflex Pit and Paddock Technical Team a call on 01788 877875 or drop them an email to [email protected]


This is the speciality of Proflex - FIA Safety Fuel Bladder Tanks manufactured from PROFLEXCELL (Lightweight Kevlar) material FIA Regulations. ...Any size, any shape!

Proflex have thousand of existing  Designs and Templates available, so if you are looking for a specific Fuel Tank ti suit your Race or Rally Car, then contact the Proflex Tech Sales Team who will search through their extensive Template Library


Proflex skilled craftsmen can also manufacture and supply an Alloy Container or Shroud to contour and support your custom manufacture Proflex Fuel Tank. If you require any other parts Fabricated, then why not give us a try on these too.



At Proflex, we use the lightest materials possible for our Safety Fuel Bladder Tanks, so why not continue the weight saving theme, by ordering your own custom manufactured Carbon Cover to suit your hand crafted Proflex Fuel Tank.


From Low Pressure to High Pressure, and from In-Tank to Out-Tank, Proflex can supply your Fuel delivery needs with choosing the right Fuel Pump giving you the correct Fuel Pressure and Flow Rate.


From Sock Filters to Cannister Filters, Proflex stock a huge range of Fuel Filters to suit both In-Tank requirements, as well as for Pre-Pump and Post-Pump applications.


Proflex can supply all kinds of Refuelling and Fuel Filler Hose to suit any Race or Rally Car Fuel Tank. Straight Lengths, Flexible Hoses and Rubber Moulded Elbows (45 and 90 degree)


The primary reason for having a Foam Baffle fitted inside your Fuel Tank is to prevent the possibility of Fuel Vapour from igniting in the event of a severe crash or impact. A Bi-Function of the Foam is that it slows down the movement of Fuel incredibly, thus reducing Fuel Surge at all Fuel Levels. Proflex can supply the Foam either cut to shape, just as a single block with no specific dimensions (ie. just Fuel Tank volume required) or even as a 'Bag of Off-Cuts' that can be installed into the Filler Neck of a Motorcycle Tank


Don't fall into the trap of using rubber hoses inside your Fuel Tank as often or not, although the inner lining  of the hose is fuel resistant, its outer reinforcement layer is usually not, so it swells, degrades and potentially could block up the fine mesh Pick-Up Filters. Proflex only use PTFE or Nylon PA12 Hoses within their Tanks; all of which are available to purchase


Proflex stock a huge range of Filler Caps, from Aircraft Flush Mounted style to the Historic Monza and Aston Flip Top Type Caps. Proflex can also provide Filler Necks (with or without Screw Caps) 


If your Proflex Fuel Cell is 5 years old, the FIA allow  2 year life extension, enabling the Proflex Fuel Cell to last up to 7 years. Contact the Proflex Tech Team on how to get your Fuel Tank FIA re-certified


Each year, and ideally either at the end of the Race Season or before the next Race Season starts, it is usually a good idea to return your Proflex Fuel Cell back to the factory for a complete strip down, check over and re-build. With every re-build, you will get a complete set of new and fresh Viton Gaskets (Free of Charge) for every Nut Ring Aperture.  


Contact the Proflex Technical Sales Team for all your replacement Viton Gaskets. If you need any 1 off Gaskets to a special or random size, then that's no problem too, as we can  professionally cut these for you too (usually with 24 hours from receipt of drawing or old gasket to copy)